About Power Group Technologies Limited

The company was incorporated in 2007 with the objective of providing world-class engineering solutions & Services. Power Group’s Technologies Limited’s headquarters Is located at Viken Thirty Industrial Park, Off eastern bypass in Nairobi, Kenya. Power Group Technologies Limited has a reputable client base of the biggest Power systems corporations in Kenya. The company delivers quality projects within timelines & Is the key pillar for success. The company aims to delight all our clients, strive to retain them through customer satisfaction that gives them value for money. The objective of the company is to duplicate this effort in Kenya and the entire East Africa region.

Power Group Technologies Ltd

Our Core Values



Taking responsibility to do what needs to be done.



Commitment to excellence in all our processes, systems and products.

Team Work:

Working together, succeeding together, respecting each other.


Pursuing creative and sound solutions.


Maintaining honor for our work and our interaction with our customers, stakeholders and policy makers.

Excellent Customer Focus:

Listening, caring, and delivering to exceed customer expectations.


Commitment to honest and ethical actions.


Delivery of projects on time.

Social Impact


Provide Energy For Rural Communities

Power Group Technologies Limited has made it its goal to expand access to both renewable and non renewable energy to communities living in the rural areas without a reliable access to the national electric grid. Power Group technologies team provide infrastructure solutions for energy distribution used for lighting, cooking ect.
By working with partners in the country, Power group technologies Limited has delivered their solutions to more than 5 million people across the east African region.


Providing Education Opportunities To Underprivileged Youth

with the realm of judgment is the social issue of unequal education opportunities for individuals who come from underprivileged backgrounds.
Students who belong to this demographic risk lost out on the similar stage of educational excellence as middle to high class students of non-minority backgrounds. Power Group Technologies Limited provides education opportunities to those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Corporate Social Responsibilities

Over the years Power Group technologies Limited has been involved in various CSR activities including: charitable Giving, Workers Well being, providing school supplies to the underprivileged students, etc



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