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CFO advisory professionals can identify areas of need and recommend solutions based upon their deep knowledge of CAS capabilities and seamlessly integrate those solutions with existing processes. These include advertising, social media marketing, and content marketing. You can also offer discounts or referral bonuses to clients who refer new business to you. Attend industry events, join professional organizations, and participate in online forums to build relationships with potential clients and peers. For example, you could specialize in tax planning, auditing, or financial analysis. Plus, additional services can positively affect accounting consulting wages.

Marketing and networking are essential components of running a successful accounting consultancy. To win clients and build your reputation, you need to promote your services effectively. Advertising your consultancy online through your website and social media channels is an excellent way to get started. You can also attend industry events and conferences to connect with potential clients and showcase your expertise.

Beating your competitors with numbers is quite a different story which means you need to employ the right accounting tools and strategies to get ahead of others. Business accounting and bookkeeping consultancy services are the need of the hour as they provide you with valuable insights to help you improve your business’s financial health. For more than a century, PwC has worked with financial services companies around the world to build trust in society and solve important problems.

  • Setting up a practice as an accounting consultant requires various tools and resources.
  • Setting up your practice and growing your client base can be daunting, especially when you’re just starting out.
  • An RSM client – a multibillion-dollar conglomerate operating in the specialty and industrial construction industries – entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC).

No matter how complex your business questions, we have the capabilities and experience to help you transform what’s next into what’s now. As the world’s largest consulting organization, we can help you take decisive action to achieve sustainable results—engineering advantage across your enterprise. Harshwal & Company, LLP has Mobile App to provide you with business insights, send RFP for Accounting, Auditing and IT services, register for training, send resume, keep up to date with news articles and events. Hourly rates for accounting consultants range from $27.39 (Tampa, FL) to $44.39 (Washington, D.C.).

The top consulting firms in the Accounting industry:

Accounting consultants are highly sought-after professionals in the business world. They are skilled in managing, analyzing, and interpreting financial data. They provide insights and recommendations, which, in turn, help businesses optimize their operations, manage risks, and increase profitability.

  • However, if we can’t articulate our advisory expertise, it’s a certainty that clients won’t be able to untangle our compliance services from higher-value advisory services.
  • By implementing best practices, developing and executing sound financial strategies, and improving decision-making, CFO advisory services provide businesses with the insights and ability to drive growth and profitability.
  • When working with a staffing or consulting services firm, you register and are interviewed and onboarded, and the firm will match you with potential employment opportunities.
  • Creating a strong brand image is critical to establishing yourself as a reputable accounting consultant.
  • We work with professionals throughout their careers – from their first job to their last.

By implementing best practices, developing and executing sound financial strategies, and improving decision-making, CFO advisory services provide businesses with the insights and ability to drive growth and profitability. While CAS focuses on routine tasks that can drain time and resources but are critical to an organization’s financial operations, CFO advisory services are more strategic in nature. For example, CAS can take steps to ensure financial data is accurate, complete and current. CFO advisory services can then analyze your data, extract relevant insights and make recommendations that enable leadership to make decisions with confidence and clarity.

Setting up a practice: tools and resources

Our services include calculation of fixed and variable elements of salaries, e.g. bonuses, remuneration for overtime hours, holidays and remuneration for sick leave. Within the scope of our services, we file employees’ documentation in accordance with the Slovenian legislation. From mergers and cost benefit analysis acquisitions to carve-outs to restatements, RSM provides assistance to develop accounting infrastructure, review policies and procedures and identify risks. PwC’s financial crimes solutions are organized to effectively and efficiently help our clients combat and prevent financial crimes.

Financial services

Agile, data-driven finance functions have become strategic partners to their businesses. They deliver real-time, predictive insights on enterprise performance, uncover revenue opportunities, keep the company compliant, and create quality user experiences. When operating at their best, finance teams close the books on demand, run seamless procure-to-pay processes, automate order to cash, and enable smarter decision-making.


Firms worth $5 million to $10 million made attractive merger and acquisition targets because they usually had fewer partners, management systems in place and some combination of niche services and locked-in clients. Mid-tier firms including BDO, RSM, Grant Thornton, Pitcher Partners, William Buck and McGrathNicol all had growth of 15 per cent to 18 per cent in FY23. These firms were helped by focusing on core services and a growing perception they provide many of the same services as the big four but at a more reasonable price. Many CPAs who have made the leap to consulting, whether on their own or working with a staffing company, have found it to be a rewarding career move.

Spend less time on your website and more time growing your business

Probably the most important decision you will need to make is whether to be an independent consultant or work as a contractor for a staffing or consulting services firm, two of the main avenues for consulting, though not the only options. Compliance services are required, and there is very little differentiation in the deliverable between practitioners. A tax return or financial statement usually looks the same no matter who prepared it. The fact that most firms include the exact same compliance description on client invoices reinforces that there is nothing special about the compliance report. In our profession, the term “advisory services” is used frequently, but there is little consensus about what it actually means. When we ask multi-service firms which advisory services they offer, the spectrum of responses is incredibly broad and often overlaps with traditional compliance services.

Core Business Operations Services

In actuality, a consultant does not have any authority to make changes to a company’s existing accounting practices or to dictate how the financial statements should be prepared. That said, he or she can suggest a path or course of action be followed. Our firm, Harshwal & Company LLP, is made up of a highly talented and skilled team of individuals who can offer services in accounting, consulting, auditing, and bookkeeping. With offices in San Diego and the Bay Area, our professionals can offer clients highly dedicated and technologically advanced accounting consulting services to help their businesses reach the highest level of prosperity and success. We advise a global client base and take pride in offering consulting services that add to a client’s operational momentum and help bring the business to that next level. Advisory services in accounting means the accountant provides expert recommendations, options, and strategies to help business owners achieve their financial and operational goals.

But the skills and expertise to drive efficiency, accuracy and compliance can be a tough find in the conventional talent market. The strategy to develop those teams in a sustainable and business-aligned fashion is even rarer. To become an accounting consultant, you also need to consider who you want to work with. Do you want to work with your existing accounting clients, or attract new clientele? If you’re selling your consulting services through an accounting firm or management firm, you may not have to look very far for consulting clients.

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