What Should a Head of Product Do?

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  • A company might have a preference for a degree in business, information technology, or computer science.
  • A head of product will have several years of experience working in a product management team.
  • In larger teams, there is a separation between product managers and senior product managers.
  • What’s more, it will be difficult for you as the head of product to offer effective feedback and help the individuals develop and grow if it is not clear what’s expected of them.

Creating products that not only compete with similar ones but actually blow them out of the water is vital to make a powerful market impact. Performing well in a technical Product Manager role will demonstrate the individual’s strengths and candidacy for a role further up the hierarchy. Good communication and collaborative skills are fundamental, even more so than with Junior Product Managers (where both attributes will strengthen if they’re weak, to begin with). The next step up from Junior Product Manager, a Product Manager will take more responsibility and enjoy greater independence in their day-to-day tasks.

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The customer journey is an important aspect of their work, and they’ll help to keep the product team focused on satisfying user needs. Another key aspect to support the people on your team succeed is to create the right environment for people to succeed. Consequently, your focus shifts from looking after https://wizardsdev.com/en/vacancy/head-of-product/ a product to leading the product people on your team and helping them to do a great job. Head of product is a business title for the person in charge of a company’s product development. This person is in charge of creating new products and ensuring that they are suitable for the company’s target market.

In many tech companies, this position also provides distribution, manufacturing, and procurement. In larger teams, there is a separation between product managers and senior product managers. Though likely to do the same job more or less, the senior product manager is responsible for larger tasks.

Head of Product Management

As the head of your product team, you will enjoy a vantage point no individual product manager has. You’ll see the bigger picture, for example, in terms of company resources available across all products. You’ll also have a unique insight into where some skills and development work on one suite of products might benefit another. Because they are so focused on their own products, your individual product managers might not see these opportunities. In larger companies, the head of product may be beneath the director of product management or even the VP of product. Smaller companies may not have those roles which would make the head of product the top product management role.

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The role of the chief product officer has become more important as most organizations have experienced a digital transformation. The CPO helps lead the company by maintaining a broad view of organizational goals, needs and successes while simultaneously focusing specifically on the product’s objectives and needs. When you act as an HoP, it is crucial to keep in mind that product people and their maturity development is your key responsibility. Empowering them by setting a calm, agile, and innovative environment helps them do their best to deliver the right value to the right market.

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This role will need to guide product managers as they make new product decisions and conduct product planning. They also need motivation, optimism, and empowerment from their product leader. A head of product is responsible for mentoring, developing skills, and guiding career development in the product team. A head of product may also be in charge of hiring product managers and budgeting for the team. Besides product management experience, employers also want candidates to have at least 3-5 years of experience managing a team.

what is head of product

Both are necessary in my experience to effectively support the members of a product management team, understand the challenges they are struggling with, and offer helpful feedback and guidance. What’s more, having solid product management skills shows the people on your team that you are a competent product person. This will allow them to take full ownership of and responsibility for their products, and it will increase their motivation, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Main Responsibilities of Head of Product Management:

Whatever the job title, there are some common skills and characteristics that come in handy in all roles in the product team. This includes how the product team works with other departments in the organization, such as engineering, support and marketing. This includes crafting product vision and strategy, and maintaining that vision through everything produced by the product team.

what is head of product

The everyday workload will vary, and you need to be able to manage problems as they arise. A successful head of product will have the ability to prioritize based on what’s important at the moment. To be a successful head of product, you must have the ability to think strategically.

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By strategically thinking, a head of product can remove roadblocks and ensure an efficient workflow. It’s really up to the individual company how these roles are defined and what their specific responsibilities look like. The Chief Product Officer’s scope is generally the most broad, and the most big-picture.

Product managers often find themselves distracted by requests and demands from many sources. This is more likely when the team doesn’t have a clear set of strategic goals and objectives to guide them. Here are 4 tips on crafting an impressive resume that will impress startups and tech companies. In most cases, there are some well-defined differences between titles such as Chief Product Officer, Head of Product and VP of Product. They each occupy a different place in the team’s management structure as well, with the Chief Product Officer at the top of the ladder. They are part of the executive team, alongside positions such as the CEO, CTO, CMO, COO, CFO, and so on.

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