DigiFinex Review: Is DigiFinex Trustworthy?

Digifinex Review

For example, DFT holders can have their trading fees reduced by as much as 25%. Similarly, the amount of DFT in one’s account determines their VIP tier, and the tier defines varying fees for transactions on the platform. DigiFinex is generally considered to be a safe and legit exchange. It has been operating since 2017 and has a good reputation among users. However, it is important to note that no cryptocurrency exchange is completely risk-free.

DigiFinex has established itself as a central crypto trading exchange platform. This digital trading exchange platform uses native exchange tokens and powers of the DigiFinex Ecosystem. Traders using this website can trade spots, perpetual swaps, and buy crypto using fiat currency. Trading volume in DigiFinex Digifinex Review is relatively easy due to user-friendly vital key features and other aspects. DigiFinex is a leading digital asset trading platform that offers a secure and reliable trading experience. It supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more, as well as fiat currencies.

Where is DigiFinex located?

There are over 100 trading pairs available in derivatives trading as well. This platform is a non-regulated exchange that supports a multitude of markets including spot trading, margin trading, ETFs, and crypto derivatives contracts. Digifinex is a platform that provides top-notch digital currency exchange services. The primary digital asset of the exchange platform is the DigiFinex Token ($DFT).

  • Services offered on the platform are pretty impressive, especially 100+ Cryptocurrency trading options.
  • Similarly, the amount of DFT in one’s account determines their VIP tier, and the tier defines varying fees for transactions on the platform.
  • Moreover, to avoid any money laundering activities, users must complete the KYC process and provide a stated government ID.
  • Users can also create a favorites list of their top crypto pairs, allowing quick access to select cryptocurrencies.
  • The drop-down list of fiat currencies includes not only dollars, but also euros, pounds and even rubles.

There are different issuing methods- 2% private placement + 2% public subscription and + 96% activity rewards. The exchange platform is regulated by the Australia Regulated Digital Currency Exchange Service Provider and Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) for secured Blockchain technology. Additionally, every trader registering with the site needs to run through the Know Your Customer and other required steps. Referral program is available in the profile settings, under Referral Rewards. If a friend registers through the link and makes his first deposit in the first week, he will receive $2 in BTC.

Creating a DigiFinex Account

Users can trade spot, leverage, perpetual swaps, and buy crypto. There are more than 500 trading pairs available which gives excellent flexibility for serious crypto traders. Derivatives trading is not something all cryptocurrency exchanges offer. However, derivatives trading can increase profits and provide better opportunities to make money. The beauty of derivatives trading on DigiFinex is that the exchange offers perpetual swaps, including USDT or currency swaps. Traders can view insurance funds and financing rates for better insights and opportunities.

  • Besides, choosing DigiFinex allows new traders to buy crypto through credit cards, and the purchase limit is $20,000.
  • Headquartered in Singapore, one of the significant Cryptocurrencies markets, it has an office registered in Seychelles.
  • It will be triggered as soon as the chart reaches the target price.
  • Long-term traders should know that the platform charges an overnight interest rate of 0.05% while using the DigiFinex margin trading.
  • These products offer fixed returns, flexible withdrawals, and fixed lock-up periods.
  • DigiFine users can access the platform as a browser or mobile application on Android and iOS devices.
  • DigiFinex is a leading digital asset trading platform that offers a secure and reliable trading experience.

New traders and experienced traders alike will be able to use DigiFinex’s trading services with relative ease. Digifinex offers users a range of trading options such as spot trading, margin trading, and perpetual contract trading. The platform charges a flat trading fee of 0.2% for both makers and takers, which is relatively competitive compared to other exchanges. Additionally, users can enjoy discounts on trading fees by holding DFT, the native token of the Digifinex platform. Digifinex is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange platform founded in 2018.

DigiFinex review: DigiFinex APP

If you are from the USA, you can read our article on the best crypto exchanges in the US (click here). Overall, it is an excellent platform https://www.tokenexus.com/ to conduct trading on different exchange coins and native tokens. The DigiFinex app is available for Android, iOS, and tablet versions.

The independent agency Certified rated the project at two stars out of three, giving good marks for protection against hacker attacks. The company is committed to monitoring suspicious transactions and countering the financing of terrorism and crime, as well as the laundering of illegally earned money. In this regard, all of the company’s clients wishing to increase transaction limits must undergo an identity verification procedure. The official website of the exchange has information that DigiFinex is registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore and also reports to Australian regulators from AUSTRAC. This increases confidence in the project, as both Singapore and Australia are known for strict laws in the financial industry.

Why Should You Use DigiFinex?

The difference here is that coin-margined trading requires a specific cryptocurrency as collateral, while USDT-margined, as the name implies, requires Tether (USDT). DigiFinex charges a 0.05% flat rate on margin trading interest rates. The trading interface of DigiFinex resembles interfaces of other crypto exchanges, and most settings and features are just where you’d expect them to be. The left-hand side of the screen is reserved for trading pairs, the right side is for the order book. Meanwhile, the center is occupied by a chart view, which can display various technical analysis indicators.

Digifinex Review

Below are the requirements for a successful organizational KYC verification in DigiFinex. It goes against our guidelines to offer incentives for reviews. We also ensure all reviews are published without moderation. Perfect exchange is hard to exist i think in a bear market a lot of small ones have collapsed Digifinex hasn’t been affected thats cool..

Having specified the parameters, it remains only to click on Buy. A DigiFinex mobile trading app is available for download, allowing existing users to manage their portfolios and trades on the fly. The mobile app features all of the functionality as the exchange site, with the comfort and convenience that comes with being able to use the mobile app anywhere at any time. Users can download the DigiFinex app for both Apple and Android devices. Margin trading is available within the order window, with 3x and 5x leverage available. Compared to other leverage trading cryptocurrency exchanges, this is the basic offering and could be expanded to provide greater trade management and risk exposure.

Digifinex Review

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